What we did last year

By mistake, the review that appeared in the February 2012 issue of Anthropology News, which was supposed to be the review of SANA’s activities in 2011 was instead the review of SANA’s activities in 2010. Here below is the correct review, summarizing SANA’s activities in 2011:

SANA in 2011

Members of SANA pride themselves on their activism as well as their scholarly/research endeavors in the anthropology of North America. Such was the case this year when SANA was present at various Occupy Movement venues in New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Washington, DC. Other events and discussions are ongoing. Here is an update beginning with the results of the last election. First, congratulations to new president, Julian Brash. A very special note of gratitude goes to treasurer, Alexandro Gradilla who hands over those duties to Mariana Peterson. We thank Arlene Davila for her service as we welcome Leo Chavez to the board. Susan Falls’ double duty of being 2011 program chair and editor of North American Dialog ends with her being responsible just forNAD. Eleana Kim was re-elected as SANA secretary. Mahri Irvine continues as a Grad Representative joined by Rachel Wright and Nazia Kazi. Nazia is also responsible for the SANA syllabi project. We thank Lesley Gill, Josh Fisher and Alexandro Gradilla for being part of the election process.

For the Montreal AAA meetings, the SANA program chairs Susan Falls and Nathan Woods produced an exemplary set of sessions working with the new programming system. In total, were 17 sessions: 3 Invited, 13 volunteer and 1 special event co-sponsored with Association for Black Anthropologists (ABA), “Remembering Manning Marable.” SANA with its friends, Association for Feminist Anthropology, Association of Latina and Latino Anthropologists, Society for Urban, National, and Transnational/Global Anthropology, and Society for Latin American and Caribbean Anthropology held a reception/dance party celebrating ABA’s 40th anniversary. Nathan Woods is the SANA program chair for AAA 2012 to be held in San Francisco.

The SANA 2011 business meeting in Montreal had a full agenda. The St. Clair Drake prize was awarded to four graduate students, Kori Allen (UToronto), Meredith Ellis (Syracuse) Chelsea Chapman (Wisconsin) and Kohanya Ranch (UC Riverside). A round of kudos was given to outgoing, North American Dialog editor, Katherine Kingfisher. Dr. Ellen Lewin, Professor of Anthropology and Gender and Women’s and Sexuality Studies, U Iowa, received the 2011 Distinguished Achievement in the Critical Study of North America. Ellen Lewin’s work as scholar/researcher/teacher and activist for gay and lesbians was recognized and applauded. Following the tremendous success of the AAA educational project, RACE, the call for suggestions for the next project was entertained. In 2010 a SANA committee of Karen Brodkin, Michelle Marzulla and Sandi Morgan and chaired by Ann Bookman designed a project for consideration by the AAA. The result was that the SANA based “Health, Happiness and Well-being” project, alongside 2 others (immigration and migration, and people who count, community, kinship and relationships) will be shopped by the AAA for funding resources. The quick and diligent work by the Bookman committee is commended for its leadership role in this process.

Due to a variety of reasons, but especially the state of the US economy, SANA postponed its spring 2012 conference. Dates and details will be announced in summer 2012. However, the SANA Book prize – Delmos Jones and Jagna Sharff Memorial Prize for the Critical Study of North America – will still be awarded in April 2012. The members of the selection committee are Judith Goode, Chair, Andy Bickford and Jessica Cattelino. Deadline for submission is December 2011.

Details for the Contingent Faculty Award and Graduate Student Prize will be forthcoming on the list serve and SANA website. It will be in place for the 2012 AAA meetings in San Francisco.

SANA membership is the critical asset to the success of this section of the AAA. It was a blast being SANA president 2009-2011.

A. Lynn Bolles