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Coming soon…

The editorial collective is excited to announce that we will be formally relaunching North American Dialogue (NAD) as the Journal for the Anthropology of North America in February 2018. In addition to a fresh new look and title there will be new sections and content as well. Don’t worry we will still be sticking to the original mandate and mission of NAD as  “a  forum for North Americanist scholars, activists, and practitioners to disclose findings, raise issues, describe fieldwork, and offer political and theoretical analyses in a timely fashion.” We stay committed to fostering a dialogue across North America and look forward to sharing those ideas with you in the journal and on this website.


Calling all North American anthropologists! Do you have an interesting photo from fieldwork this summer? We are looking for you snapshots from the field! Contact Michelle Stewart [] for more info. High resolution pic and captions are due no later than October 4 at 5pm EST. There are big changes coming for North American Dialogues and your picture could be part of those changes!


A word about Charlottesville:

The editorial collective would like to share our deepest condolences with the friends and family of Heather Heyer who was killed on Saturday, August 12. We live in a time in which the President of the United States of America could not find the words to condemn what happened on Saturday except to frame it as an “egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides, on many sides.” While he has corrected his language to recognize that at the base of all the violence on August 12 was white supremacy and white nationalism, he could not and did not find those words on Saturday nor did he retain those words moving forward and has fueled these flames deliberately and with impunity.  We will share a lengthier response in the days to come but we wanted to start here by sending our condolences out to Heather’s family and friends, to recognize the many others injured and wounded at the scene and the trauma that the entire weekend wrought upon residents in Charlottesville but also across North America. #solidarity

NOTE: this was updated to reflect the ongoing lack of recognition from Trump.

Some changes are coming….

  1. Journal Relaunch: In the coming months, North American Dialogue will be relaunching as the Journal for North American Anthropology. The commitment to dialogue will continue through the journal as well as on this website including the relaunch of the webpage to include a strong and active social media presence as we seek to host timely and rigorous engagement with issues that arise in  Mexico, the United States and Canada. 
  2. New Editorial Collective: Dr. Michelle Stewart and Dr. Elan Abrell will join Dr. Lindsay Bell Grubb as the new co-editors of the journal. Elan’s research areas include multi-species ethnography and his work intersects with Lindsay’s in the area of environmental politics. Elan and Michelle both work in the area of Science and Technology Studies. Michelle’s research focuses on disability in the justice system and her work intersects with Lindsay’s in the area of settler colonialism as Lindsay’s work is anchored in Indigenous state relations. We anticipate that their diverse backgrounds and intersecting research areas will take North American Dialogue to new and exciting places in the coming years. The Journal Collective invites your ideas for upcoming issues and topics!

North American Dialogue is a membership benefit of the Society for the Anthropology of North America (SANA). It is published, produced and distributed by Wiley-Blackwell.

Current issue can be accessed on Anthrosource or through the Wiley Blackwell website.

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