Past Travel Grant Winners

2017 St. Clair Drake Student Travel Grant Awardees

Kessie Alexandre, Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Anthropology, Princeton University “Between gray and green: Telling times of decay and resilience through urban greening”

Brieanne Berry, Ph.D. student, Anthropology & Environmental Policy Program, University of Maine, “They come from away: On the commoditization of Maine’s discard markets”

Sarah Molinari, PhD Student, Anthropology Program, CUNY Graduate Center                   “Contested Debt, Popular Protest and the Question of Sovereignty During Puerto Rico’s Debt Crisis”

Eva Weiss, Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Anthropology,Temple University                      “Love Triangle: Migrants, Citizens and ICE Agents in an Era of Mass Deportation”

2016 St. Clair Drake Student Travel Grant Awardees

Jessica Katzenstein, Brown University,  “Militarizing the Crisis: Effects of Military Equipment on U.S. Law Enforcement”

Rebecca Hasselbeck, UC-Irvine, “Off to the Races: Migrant Lives, Work, and Legal Status in the Horse Racing Industry”

Maja de Langen, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands, Panel (Roundtable): “Keywords for Imaging Studies in Medicine and Life Sciences”

Allison Taylor Stuewe, University of Arizona, “Invoking the Arab Muslim Terrorist Specter on the US-Mexico Border”